2023 IRA vs. Assets

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In today’s Financial Climate the U.S. dollar will not be the same after August 22, 2023. BRICS countries to introduce new capital currency.

IRA vs. Tangible Assets

written by Scott C. Garner

On August 22nd, 2023, the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) nations will meet in South Africa for the 15th annual BRICS summit. There is only ONE thing on their minds during this meeting, the introduction of their next commodity back currency to avoid having to use the U.S. dollar any longer. Since 1974 the U.S. Dollar has not been rivaled for its capital currency status. That is why America can run HUGE deficits and limitless printing. Glen Davis an Economist and a veteran gold and silver buyer “We have known this would come, where our time is up, and we will have to atone for 50 years of unchecked spending.” Says Glenn Davis “We have endured 18% inflation since 2020. That will be a drop in the bucket as to what we are looking down thew barrel of.” He continued to speak about the men and women the are brain washed by the comfort they have had all their lives here in the U.S. and how it will devastate them. Davis goes on to say; “This will not happen all at once. This deterioration of the U.S. economy will take place over the next year and a half. However, by the time most people take it seriously and notice it will be too late to correct financially. For the men and women that have prepared by buying tangible gold, they became their own banks, they will navigate through this unforgiving period. For Americans, this will be more devastating than 1929, for the fact it has been so easy for so long that this will crush families not prepared. They will be at the mercy of the Government and what programs it can come up with to aid citizens during this time. Except, there will be no end in sight.” This interview alone is what prompted us to write and expand this article.

First things first, if your gold and silver are in an IRA you do not own gold and silver. You own a piece of paper. Before you blow your top, let me explain. Every client that I have worked with over the last 18 plus years that has a gold IRA asks the same question. “If I need my gold, can I go get it?” or “If the economy crashes will the holding company mail me my gold?” The answer is NO to both. Yes, you do have money sitting there, however it is only viewed on a statement or online and you are paying fees for this gold and silver to be stored. The benefit is in the holding companies’ favor. Just like in a traditional IRA a specific amount of money is invested. However, instead of the institution getting dollars to put into this fund, they are getting physical gold. Before, they were managing a number on a computer screen, now they have tangible gold assets that you pay your broker (coin company) a hefty commission and the institution (holding company) a healthy fee to store your gold. Now, I do understand rolling over an IRA into another fund to avoid withdrawing that capital and paying taxes and penalties on what should be a long-term investment.  However, all you did was take capital out of one fund that is relatively stable and put it into another that fluctuates with price per ounce. Sure, it could go to $5,000 per ounce as they claim, yet still the question remains, what do you really own?

Every evening while watching the news I see a new coin company with a new commercial selling gold IRA’s and bullion.  In almost two decades I have seen A LOT of these companies come and go. More are getting into it now to capitalize on the struggling economy, and most know little to nothing about the precious metals industry or coins themselves.  I know they have stats of gold and silver over the last 20, 30, 50 years and have speculations from one or another expert on how these metals are going to the moon. Sound familiar? Now I am not saying that gold and silver can’t reach those astronomical heights however I am saying that since the day I’ve started in this industry I have not gone for more than a couple of days without hearing, the economy will crash, and GOLD COULD HIT $10,000 per ounce by end of year!! The same things have been said about silver. So, what is new? Just a lot of new companies. Like I said earlier, you just paid a salesman and an institution to move capital to do the same thing that capital was already doing.

What bothers me more than anything is if gold is going to $10,000 per ounce why would you not want to have that gold in your possession? Just try and picture a world where gold just multiplied its price 5X. First, months before this there would be an epic run-on bank, and now that currency is working toward being digital all banks will lock their doors. That holding company, with your gold, will not take a call and your salesman will not be in the business to take your call. Unless you had gold or silver on hand If gold is indeed working its way to $10,000 per ounce, everything I just said is 100% fact. All of your hard-earned money will be gone.

Our clients will not have to bear this burden. We will only broker gold and silver with the understanding that the client will take delivery of the product. I have worked with tens of thousands of clients in my time in this industry and not once have I recommended one of my client put their hard earned money into another institution. Our goal is to make our client THEIR OWN BANK!!

One note: we do advise on how to store your collection. All collectors’ situations are different, and we have worked with thousands of collectors. If your coins are in a safety deposit box, your coins are not in your control. We can advise you how to store your coins safely and securely.

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How To Become Your Own Bank!

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HOW TO BECOME YOUR OWN BANK is a program we implemented many years ago and it has been a great success for our clients. Take the scenario above, the economy has crashed, the dollar is worthless and gold hits the number that (the experts that own the coin companies that rollover your IRA) has been predicted. When you BECOME YOUR OWN BANK, while the world is in chaos, and people with gold IRA’s are frantically trying to reach their brokers and the institutions that have their precious metals, you are quietly prepared for what’s to come.

Well at least in one area. You will have total control of what is in your safe or designated secure area. That’s what we all want! The freedom to control and manage our own assets. Now there is a strategy for how to do this. Its not accumulating as much junk gold and silver as you can. It is, well…. that’s where we come in. Numismatic gold and silver that is common enough to be sold close to spot price (which in some cases it cost the same as a bullion coin) and is deemed collectable.

Call us today to get a free consultation on HOW TO BECOME YOUR OWN BANK. Every strategy for every client is overlooked by me, the owner and active in day-to-day client relations. No, we are not a company that has 20,000 active buying clients. Instead, every year we reach out just like this and offer our services to clients that need our services. If you are already buying gold, give us an opportunity to show you how much better of an experience buying gold and silver and the customer service our company can provide for you and your family.

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However, our clients that owned certified gold close to spot price stayed level. WHY? Because when you work with 4 factors instead of 1 your chances of security are infinitely better. Population, Condition, Demand and Cost per ounce. THAT’S IT! That the collectors secret over a junk silver or bullion gold guy. Every day and twice on Sunday. Call us Today to become your own bank!

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