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One of our client’s biggest challenges is knowing what a good buy is and what is not. That has always been a major concern in just about every industry. This is our whole reason for showing up every day. To provide you this service and give you cutting edge information when you need it. Do you remember the old saying, “If your friends jumped off a bridge would you?” A parent would ask their child when they said they saw someone else do something, so they did it to. If there was ever a better saying for this industry, I have not heard it. Every company sells the same items. Their recommendations are all the same. My question has always been, if everyone can get it and if everyone sells it, is it really that rare and special? The answer is no. It is the quickest way for them to make money and is lazy.

This industry takes work and dedication to build your client the perfect masterpiece.

The areas that I am going to list here are areas that are rare, have a low mintage, and right now the market does not have a lot of pressure on them. Keep in mind that our industry works off of supply and demand. If an area has very low supply and a high demand it will cost more, is the supply is high and has low demand the price is low. Makes sense, right? This is why it is vital to know what to buy and when. Not just take the word of someone who is selling what everyone is and seems excited.

All of these areas fit the criteria of rare and do not have a lot of pressure on them as of now. Keep in mind that when our company goes after a certain area the supply will dry up and the demand will be bigger than ever.

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Market Makers

The market is the driving force behind any product. When it comes to coins (especially pre 1933) the is a finite number that can be used. What will make a coin increase in value or decrease in for that matter is simple supply and demand. The more coins that are sold off the market the more expensive the coin will be. What is used is the year of the coin, the type, the mintage, the population and the grade. The coin below is a perfect example of how putting incredible pressure on one area of coins can produce sure market highs. That’s what we do here at The Currency Reserve.

For example:

1915 $1 Panama Pacific Gold MS 65


Sleepers are coin that are low in population, low in mintage and the market has not adjusted on them. While the demand is there, and the coins are very hard to find pricing is just a little behind. Here at The Currency Reserve we specialize in identifying these coins and know when to get our clients into them. To find the coins that have a great track record yet are down in price for the time being is key.

The commemorative coins from the early 20th century (1903-1922) had an incredible run on them in the late 1980’s. The entire market was completely dried up in all grades and the demand was at a fever pitch. So much so that the 1905 $1 Lewis and Clark gold coin in MS 66 had a price guide by PCGS of $107,000!!! A major sell off in the early 1990’s and market focus changing to other areas brought the coins down in cost.

For example:

1903 $1 Louisiana Purchase
Expo Jefferson MS65

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