A special offer for numismatic collectors:

The Currency Reserve will provide free evaluations on graded numismatic coins, even if you didn't buy them from us.

There are many reasons to consider an evaluation:

Have you wondered what your collection is really worth? Now is the time to find out, at no cost to you.

A $250 - $1,000 ValueDepending on the amount of time spent and size of the collection

Call today to get started:

In our experience with clients who have bought from other companies in the past, this is a request that is often asked for, but rarely granted. It’s typically met with hesitation from from their longtime sales representative, perhaps told that the portfolio will be turned over to the buying team for bids. From there, unfortunately, you rarely hear back until they’re ready to sell you something else.

The Currency Reserve is offering a one time free consultation for evaluations on your Numismatic collection. You will be paired with Senior Gold Specialist to go over your collection, itemize it, and then have real prices that you can depend on.

Here's what you will receive:

The Currency Reserve has built a solid reputation from being dependable, transparent and having direction. The services that we’re offering are undertaken by professionals. Numismatic collectors like yourself spend hard-earned money on collectable coins every year; you deserve to know what your collection is worth, and have the ability to work with honest numismatic professionals.

Call today to get started:

A $250 - $1,000 ValueDepending on the amount of time spent and size of the collection

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