The Currency Reserve’s Shipping and Return Policies

Orders can be funded by credit card, check wire, electronic check, wire or trade of gold or silver coins. In the case of a trade the order will be funded by the sell of the value of the coins. 

All order must be funded with-in 48 hours of quote of order being placed. 

In the case of a trade, the funding will come from the purchase of the coin from the client. If the trade purchase amount is larger than the purchase price of the coins TCR, will apply the overage amount to money on account. At that time, the client can take payment of that amount or us that money to purchases more product from TCR. 

Checks will be subject to a hold period. No longer than 10 days.  


Shipping policies: 

All orders will ship out the following day after order is funded. (One business day) Clients should expect a 5-7-day delivery ETA. All orders will be shipped through USPS, UPS or FED EX and be insured for the total amount.  

Arrangements can be made for hold in vault if customer will not be home to receive the coins. This should never be more than 30 days. 

TCR will not be a holding center for any one collection. Customers will take possession of their product.  


Return Policy. 

All orders are subject to return. All orders have a 10-day inspection period from the day the client receives the order. TCR will honor a 100% money back guarantee. TCR has a no questions asked on orders that are with in those 10 day. This applies to all Numismatic and collectable coins. Any coin holders that are damaged, scratched, or opened TCR will replace with the same coin and the same condition. 

On bullion related item: since the price of precious metal fluctuates by the minute all orders are final. TCR will purchase them back at the going price per ounce.  

Cancelations: All cancelations will be handled under the return policy. If the order has not shipped out the funding will be credited that day. Bullion and all bullion related products will follow the same policy of TCR will sale the precious metal at the amount of the going price per ounce. 

All orders by phone will be required to go through a verification policy with a verification officer. The officer will verify the Name, address, and funding method. Second, they will verify the Total amount of the order. Once that is complete and the order is processed the verification officer will then send out a conformation email to the client. 


Charge-backs and disputes: 

In the event of an order charge back, the verification officer will speak directly with the merchant account and give the recording of the phone call and proper paperwork to work with the merchant account. This is a matter we take very seriously here at TCR.